Executive Management

Members of the company's Management Board are not members of the company's Board of Directors. This two-tier structure prevents dual memberships of the Board of Directors and the Management Board.

The Board of Directors defines the principles of Danish Ship Finance's operations, while the Management Board is responsible for the day-to-day management.

Chief Executive Officer

Erik I. Lassen

Appointed CEO on 09.04.2008,
employed since 1993.



Member of the management board, CFO

Lars Jebjerg

Appointed as a member of the Management Board on 22.05.2018,
employed since 2018.

Member of the Management Board, CCO

Michael Frisch

Appointed as a member of the Management Board on 09.04.2018,
employed since 2018.

Executive Vice President, Head of Credit

Flemming Møller

Appointed as Executive Vice President on 01.01.2018,
employed since 2012.



Senior Vice President, Head of Finance

Jacob Vammen

Appointed as Senior Vice President on 01.03.2018,
employed since 2018. 


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